How GTB is supporting the fight against COVID-19

While the Nigerian government is yet to announce any action plan to engage private business corporations in its response to the fight against the novel COVID-19, some key players in the private sector have been acting responsibly by taking action to support the fight.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) has announced that it is setting up a 100-bed Intensive Care Centre at Onikan in collaboration with the Lagos State Government to treat Nigerians that may be infected by coronavirus.

"As an organisation, beyond the safety measures we have put in place across our offices and branches, we are also lending ourselves to doing more to beat this outbreak.

"We are setting up a fully equipped 100- bed Intensive Care Centre at Onikan for the Nigerian people," a statement by GTBank's CEO, Segun Agbaje said.

According to him, "the centre will be fully equipped with all the necessary equipment including respirators and personnel to treat and care for those that may become affected. We are fully committed to having the Centre fully set up by the end of this week."

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